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Frequently asked questions


What is mycco?

mycco is a web based system that allows you to manage your car club online.

Our Club doesn't have a web site or domain name, will that be a problem?

No, not at all.

If your Club doesn't have a web site, we first need to register a domain name. This cost is included in your annual subscription fee and Andrew from mycco will assist you with this process.

Once registered, the costs of setting up and configuring your new web site and Club's email addresses are also included in your annual subscription fee.

We are only a small Club, less than 100 members. Can we still use mycco?

Yes. mycco is designed to be used by Club's of any size, and unlike other Club management software, there's no restrictions on how many members, cars or any other records you can store within your mycco account.


Are we limited to what we can and can't use in mycco? Do extra features cost more?

All features are available to every user of mycco.

Your Club is free to use as many or as few of mycco's features as you wish.


How secure is mycco?

mycco uses two levels of security.

Firstly mycco uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology - the same technology used by banks and online stores for the transfer of information involved in online transactions.

When you log in to mycco, as either a member or administrator, the connection becomes encrypted by SSL, ensuring data transferring between you and mycco is secure.

It is this technology that causes the prefix 'https' to be shown in front of a web address. This prefix can not be faked, or forced, and is only display by a web browser when a security certificate (part of the SSL set-up) is installed on the relevant web site.

Secondly, all sensitive data is encrypted (separate from SSL) before being stored within mycco.

Each mycco client's data is encrypted differently, ensuring that in the case of a breach between clients, that one client can not view the sensitive data of another.


What does it cost to use mycco?

As a mycco user you are charged an annual subscription fee of $275 (inc GST).

This fee covers all aspects of mycco and also includes the on-going costs of:

A one-off set-up fee of $275 (inc GST) applies on top of the first year's subscription fee.

If our Club only uses a small handful of features, do we still pay the full subscription fee?

To keep everything simple, one subscription fee covers the entirety of mycco.

As your Club grows it may find itself using more and more of mycco. By providing you with full access from day one, your Club is free to take advantage of other features without complication the subscription with addition costs.

Does the annual subscription fee include updates?

Absolutely. Any upgrades and enhancements to mycco are included in the annual subscription fee.

If you have an idea for a new feature, or an enhancement to something already in mycco, you're encouraged to pass on your idea.

Help and support

If I get stuck, what help is available?

mycco contains its own online help pages, which can step you through various processes.

If you still require further help, you can always contact Andrew at mycco.

Is training provided?

Unfortunately, at this stage, face-to-face training can not be provided for your Club.

However mycco has been developed to be easy to use and very intuitive, and if you're quite comfortable using a computer of any kind, you should have no problems using mycco


Can I provide any feedback and suggestions?

Absolutely. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Each car club does things slightly differently, or has ideas which all clubs could benefit from.

If you have any ideas, feedback, suggestions, or even bug reports, contact Andrew at mycco.

Who is 'Andrew at mycco'?

Andrew is Andrew McCurdy - the founder, designer and developer behind mycco.

As a classic car enthusiast, and having been a member of a several car clubs himself, Andrew has first hand knowledge of the difficulties in running a Club.

One of the most obvious issues was record keeping. Each Club has its own method of recording members, their cars, payments, points, competition results and so on. Regrettably, even within the same Club different committee members work differently.

Andrew thought about a way of combining all of this record keeping, and more importantly, linking it together into one large dynamic system.

With his web design and development experience behind him, Andrew started working on the project, and after many many months of designing, developing and testing, mycco finally went live.
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